Leaky Faucets or Sinks?

Your leaking sinks and faucets seem like a simple nuisance issue that a do-it-yourself homeowner can handle on a day off. But the impact of a drip here and drip there can be far more damaging to your home and health than you realize.

That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced plumbing professional. Conner Plumbing trained technicians deliver honest, reliable results that keep water damage in check.

sink running with water

How Water Damage Wreaks Havoc on Your Investment

It may seem like a stretch to think about a leaking sink or faucet leak as a significant threat to your health and home. But, in reality, water ranks as the single greatest threat to a residential property.

Water penetrations are the No. 1 cause of mold growths in homes. Mold flourishes in dark, warm areas and spreads quickly. All it requires is moisture and a food source and mold can take root behind walls and under floors. The moisture comes gift wrapped from leaking sinks and faucets. The food source is the building materials that comprise your home.

Consider how warm your bathroom becomes after a hot shower. A water leak under a bathroom cabinet is like adding fertilizer to a planted mold spore. In the kitchen, that ongoing drip can find its way to the flooring under the counter. This is another primary area for hazardous mold growths.

Although these sometimes-minor leaks seem relatively harmless, mold can have a dangerous effect on your health and the health of loved ones. Once it spreads, you could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars in home rehabilitation costs. It all starts with a plumbing leak.

Experienced Plumbing Counts

Water leaking inside your home can do serious damage. Times like these are when experience counts the most. Conner Plumbing will quickly diagnose the problem and get it fixed! Contact a plumber with experience!

Our hot water heater stopped working this week. We called Matt and he and his team came out and quickly figured out what the issue was, told us, and were able to repair it easily. He did a great job of explaining our options. I definitely recommend giving Conner Plumbing a call!

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