Garbage Disposal Not Working?

garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are a wonderful convenience. But when yours isn’t working properly, the best thing to do is to call a professional.

Attempting to fix one yourself can result in injury or extensive plumbing damage. One of the key, cost-effective issues regarding malfunctioning garbage disposals is whether you need a replacement or plumbing adjustment. That’s why it’s important to work with an honest, reliable plumbing company that will clearly communicate what needs to be done.

Do You Need a New Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposals generally have warning signs that they are about to fail. It’s just a matter of picking up on them. You can expect one of our experienced technicians to ask you questions about how it was operating before you called.

  • Did it make abnormal noises?
  • Did it require frequent resets?
  • Did it clog easily?
  • Did the garbage disposal give off persistent odors?
  • Was the disposal underperforming?
  • Did you experience water leaks?

Depending on the answer to these and other questions, it may very well be time to upgrade your garbage disposal. Making ongoing adjustments can end up costing your more time, money and aggravation than having a technician install a new one.

Do You Need Garbage Disposal Maintenance?

While a replacement may be the best cost-effective solution for a failing garbage disposal, sometimes the device only needs a minor adjustment. Keep in mind that these machines vibrate while grinding up hard food products. That can have a long-term impact on plumbing and fittings. A quick house call to identify the problem and make an adjustment may be all you need. The key questions include:

  • Are there minor or major leaks?
  • Does the disposal drain slowly?
  • Does it make an unusual humming sound?

Depending on the answers and our technician’s physical assessment, you may be experiencing a manageable clog or loose fittings.

It’s important for homeowners to have an honest and reliable plumbing company to call. Conner Plumbing delivers quality plumbing services to the greater Columbia, South Carolina, community.  Request garbage disposal service today!

Our hot water heater stopped working this week. We called Matt and he and his team came out and quickly figured out what the issue was, told us, and were able to repair it easily. He did a great job of explaining our options. I definitely recommend giving Conner Plumbing a call!

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