Inspections for Leak Detection

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Your house is not only the biggest financial investment you may have, but more importantly it is your family‚Äôs home and the place where memories are made, and safety is assured. 

Damage caused by leaks in appliances and plumbing systems can be costly and hazardous to your home. Unfortunately, sometimes the only indication of a leak may be an excessively high-water bill, and by the time you receive this notice, the damage may already be well under way. Detecting leaks before they cause damage to your home is crucial to save money, time, and heartache.

Leak Detection Inspections Help Protect Your Home and Family

Regular inspection and maintenance of your appliances and plumbing systems is the most important step you can take to protect your home from water leak damage. Unnoticed water leaks not only wreak havoc on your home but can pose a serious health risk to your family as well, with the growth of unwanted mold or mildew.

Indications You May Have a Water Leak in Your Home

  • The sound of running water when no water is being used
  • Wet spots on floors or walls
  • Growth of mold or mildew
  • Higher water bill
  • Foundation cracks

Because you deserve extra care and professionalism necessary to protect your investment from water damage, Conner Plumbing delivers.  We can inspect all water using appliances for leaks and assure quality work and superior customer service.

Quality Service You and Your Family Can Depend On

Join the many loyal customers who recommend and rely on Conner Plumbing for the highest quality leak detection service. We offer honesty, reliable service, and the comfort of knowing that Conner Plumbing cares as much about your investment as you do. Protect your home and family from the dangers associated with water damage by having a professional leak detection inspection from the leak detection specialist team at Conner Plumbing today.

Matt was quick to respond and come out to help us with our hot water heater. Once on site, he also helped us with some other minor plumbing issues we were having quickly and very affordably. He was very nice, appreciative, and provided excellent customer service at a fantastic price. I'd recommend him over the "big" companies any day for a high level of independently owned business customer service and working with the individual. Can't recommend him enough!

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