Toilet Repairs and Upgrades

man fixing toliet

If your toilet is running, clogged or not flushing properly, give us a call. Conner Plumbing has been faithfully serving the community, developing a reputation of trust, one client at a time. Let us help you get to the bottom of your toilet issues and restore the functionality of your bathroom.  

Bathroom Remodels

Perhaps your new bathroom's layout makes your old toilet stick out like a sore thumb. If so, it's time to pick out a new toilet that will match the rest of your decor. This is especially important if you're looking to sell your home and make it appeal to buyers. Naturally, a better toilet increases the value of your home.

Lower Utility Bills

Older toilets generally require more water to flush, which can make your water bill higher at the end of the month. However, modern low-flush toilets have a maximum amount of 1.6 gallons per flush. Compare this value to toilets manufactured before 1994 that can use between 3.5 to 7 gallons per flush!

The simple upgrade to an eco-friendly toilet that uses less water can save you hundreds over the years in unnecessary water waste. Plus, this decision is good for the environment.

Inefficient or Faulty Toilets

Sometimes your toilet simply goes out of commission. If you have a leaking or running toilet, you know the cost of not taking care of the issue quickly can turn into a large water bill or expensive water damage. Your toilet can also have a broken seal that lets in unpleasant sewer smells into your home.  If you want to avoid replacing your toilet, we can always see if it's salvageable. After all, repairing your toilet can save you money over installing a new one.

Matt was quick to respond and come out to help us with our hot water heater. Once on site, he also helped us with some other minor plumbing issues we were having quickly and very affordably. He was very nice, appreciative, and provided excellent customer service at a fantastic price. I'd recommend him over the "big" companies any day for a high level of independently owned business customer service and working with the individual. Can't recommend him enough!

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